Below is a list of the most commonly asked questions about our services. If you don’t see your question answered here, please contact us and we would be happy to help.

We come to you wherever you are. We have a mobile dental unit that we can use pretty much anywhere there is a plug in (inside or out). We have a mobile dental chair and lights…we can even see people in their bed, recliners or wheelchairs.

Before seeing a new patient for the first time, we always need a consent signed. If the patient is not able to sign for themselves, their power of attorney or guardian in lieu of them. Our consent forms are in the link under forms “consent to treat” or your can reach out to us by mail, phone or email and we would be happy to send one over to you. We will also need a health history filled out.
Absolutely. That’s the beauty of being mobile!
We generally make it out to communities, facilities as well as homes on a quarterly schedule. However, everyone’s interval is completely unique to them…many times patients need us less frequently or more. We are available at the capacity you need us. 
When getting a prophylaxis, the pellicle of the tooth opens up, so a fluoride treatment is most beneficial right after the cleaning is complete as the uptake is better while its open. Fluoride varnish is highly recommended by oral health professionals because it remineralizes weak areas of teeth, reduces tooth and root caries as well as helps with sensitivities. There are many things that affects ones decay rate, age, dexterity, diet, saliva flow, medications/drugs and health challenges.  Root decay can be a big concern with many of the listed above risk factors; it can be very harmful to the tooth and can even cause tooth loss or painful infections.

Silver Diamine in an all-natural, totally safe chemical that is used to arrest decay on contact, without using any painful shots or drills. For many patients, sitting through long dental appointments for fillings, crowns and extractions, is not a comfortable reality or even a possibility. It is an economical way to treat decay and maintain comfort and function easily. 

If you are in need of restorative dental work, we are highly connected in our dental communities and we can always help you locate a specialist we trust for you.